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 I Design Interior Design 

is a full-service Residential Designer which focuses on High End residential projects and boutique style commercial spaces. Our mission is to approach each project with a holistic vision, and we commit to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living in them. We make houses into homes 

Luxury Lifestyle By Design


I Design Interior Design 

is available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish including consulting with Architects and Builders, as well as providing a tailor-made approach to finishes and décor.



  I Design Interior Design / Real Estate 

is a Trusted Denver Based Company that is a one of a kind. I provide a full service business that includes Real Estate and Interior Design. 

My specialty is to help you find and design your forever home! 



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Give your home a polished look of current fashionable design furniture styles that will make your home stand out from the rest 

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We are proud of our work and it shows through the testimonial of our clients

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I Design Interior Design And Real Estate has the tools to sell your home! 

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Kevin Berry

High End Designer and Real Estate Agent


Kevin Berry is a high-end interior designer based in Denver Colorado. With a highly edited vision and a strong hand, Kevin has developed a spare, modern aesthetic with a warm soul. Originally from Greeley, Colorado, he moved to Denver 22 years ago and established his own firm I Design Interior Design in 2008 with an emphasis on residential spaces. His interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and color factor into all of his designs, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are Kevin Berry ID essentials. “We create environments that complement and suit the lifestyle and personality of the client. Whether the room is formal or casual, traditional or modern, accessibility and comfort are a must.”

Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute of California as well as a license in Real Estate. He honed his skills through his passion for design.  


Striving to be a Top Designer


I strive to be the best in Interior Design and Real Estate. My passion is seen in all my work. 

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"I Design Interior Design known for great quality projects from start to finish. Their customers have nothing but positive things to say."

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Thank you for choosing I Design Interior Design for all your Interior Design and Real Estate needs!!!


I design Interior Design

1233 South Kalamath Street, Denver, Colorado 80223, United States

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